Smart LED Streetlight

The world's smartest LED streetlight with an intelligent activation system, saving cost & electricity. Integrated with realtime cloud based tracking so you instantly know the status of every streetlight you control from anywhere in the world, reducing downtime & saving lives.

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UVC Linear Batten

Effectively eliminate 99.99% of viruses, bacteria & near relatives of SARS-CoV-2 from the air. Our UVC Linear Batten is designed to operate 24 hours/day inside HVAC & AHU units, leaving no exposure to human skin. It contains no mercury, making it safe for you, and the environment.

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T8 LED Tube

High lumen output with low power draw, creating an exceptionally power efficient LED tube of over 90% efficiency. Our T8 LED tube is designed to output super high brightness and the best light quality, with an aluminium heat sink allowing for great heat dissipation, achieving a product lifespan of 60,000 hours.

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LED High Mast / Flood Light

Industrial grade LED high mast, capable of delivering extremely high lumen output of up to 65,000 lumens with energy saving capabilities of up to 80%. Made with pure aluminium die cast for great heat dissipation & built for lasting performance in building compounds, factories, highways & tunnels.

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About Us

LigLED Malaysia

LigLED is one of the leading manufacturers in Malaysia, providing custom light fittings for a plethora of different applications.

Our lights have won many awards, earned important certifications as well as government recognition, such as the Malaysian Public Works Department (JKR).

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Our Experience

Over 20 years in electronics manufacturing

Our company started as an industrial service support provider in the electronics field.

Over the years, we have continued to evolve dynamically, focusing on efficient and eco-friendly products that make a positive impact to both our customers and the environment.


If you can dream it, we can make it.

From production ready fixtures to custom-made LED lights, we can develop anything you need, thanks to our in-house R&D facility.

Certifications Awards

Trusted & Certified

Our LED lights are ISO-9001 certified and have won many prestigious prizes & awards.

We are also the number one choice for government agencies and companies in Malaysia.




At LigLED, we uphold our standards by using only the best quality components, allowing our products to withstand the test of time. This aligns with our goal to produce sustainable and eco-friendly products as our luminaires can last for years, thus generating less waste every year


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With over 100 partners working with us

Our LED lights last five times longer on average compared to our competitors, saving time, energy & cost. It’s no wonder why they choose us.